We offer a full array of services:


We pay top dollar for pinball machines, juke boxes, video games, and any other interesting coin-operated amusement devices in good condition. We want all other games “dead or alive.”

We will go almost anywhere to remove a good game from a basement or upstairs. We’ve been doing this for years and have an outstanding history of not damaging landings, moldings, or walls.


We supply machines for $200/month on a one-year contract for employee break rooms, etc.


We can repair your internet purchase, re-condition your favorite game, and fix that broken flipper.

The base rate for in-home services is $100, which includes drive time, trip fee, and 1/2 hour of diagnosis/repair. Parts are extra. The in-home labor rate is $80 per hour after the first 1/2 expires. Please call or e-mail for service rates for outside the metro area.


We can also move your game upstairs or downstairs with no damage to the walls or the game.

Profit Sharing–

We supply and maintain pool tables, internet juke boxes, mega touch, ATMs, pinball machines, dollar bill changes, etc., at no cost to you. We both make money when we share the gross income.

Over the years, we’ve been in homes large and small, and we’ve taken care of them all!

Please call, e-mail, or visit us with your questions.